Friday, 6 November 2015

The easiest way to buy an expensive car

The easiest way to buy an expensive car

Lexus, (in English: Lexus) and (Japanese: レ ク サ ス) is a Japanese automotive company, which handles the design, manufacture and distribution of luxury cars Toyota is responsible.
Toyota’s Lexus in 1989 by CEO appointment, Eiji Toyoda was launched in the United States of America.
Today, Lexus has become an international brand, as the largest producer of custom and special vehicles, known in Japan. The company currently provides its products in 70 countries and one of the top 10 brand or Japan, based on the market value, is one.
Lexus corporate headquarters in Nagoya, Japan, with international offices and operations centers as well as in the cities of Brussels, Belgium and Torrance are based.
Lexus established the roots can be traced to a secret project, to design and build a car by Toyota sedan in 1983 with the name of the project started in 1989 with the launch of Lexus F-1 class was launched.

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