Saturday, 21 November 2015

Special Spanish Auction clothing brand for t*pless buyers!

Probably one of the most innovative shame auctions Up to now, Italian buyers to achieve free and half-price clothes, they were nak*d. According to the website of the British “Daily Mirror”, the Spanish brand (Desigual) in the last week, a party to mark the start of t*pless Specials Rome and Turin, Italy, organized in January.
The auction is different, “hunters wear cheap” watch in underlying clothing, stood in line to match the clothes, are among the first members. Included in Turin that a large number of late the night before stood in line just as the doors were opened the store at 8 am. First 100 people who enter without clothing store were able to obtain a free dress.
 Thanks also for the rest of the population t*pless presence and efforts in this auction, from a 50% discount on the purchase of a series of summer were given. Buyer addition to wearing only underwear, should be in a race of 100 meters before the entrance to the store attended.This led to the girls who were wearing underwear quickly inside the store empty-handed and in the run up to ensure that the underlying clothing do not return home. While buyers were not only women and men who were only wearing shorts in “line sprints”, accompanied them.According to local reports, in Turin shoppers were queued after 3 am, free clothing lost. Specials in Paris next week to be repeated. “Desigual”, from 2005 to the present similar auctions in the cities of Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Lisbon and the cities of the United States of America has been held.The company claims that over 10 thousand people participated in these parties. After a number of media and news sites as well as the photos taken and published widely. The release of the photos, discomfort and anger sparked violent Muslim Moroccan Arabic and Islamic and other countries because this insult to the mosque as a holy place was evident.

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