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Farah Diba In The beach

Farah Diba In The beach

Not only Iranians, tourists who came to Iran in the Caspian Sea in northern Iran because of good weather, beautiful nature, friendly people and delicious food experience. Now everything away, everything is separated. In the old days when we were kids and we were together, all looking at old photographs and they smile or a tear in their eyes recalled or were collected. All they seemed to miss things that no longer exist
Mohamadreza Pahlavi (born in Tehran 1919 – died August 5 1980 in Cairo), the second king of Pahlavi. Mohamadreza Pahlavi Anglo-Soviet invasion of Iran in the wake of the first and second coup of August 28, 1978 the government came to power and was dismissed.
His marriage was Iramloo Shah and aconite. While 6 years old, his father became king, and he was the Crown Prince of Iran. Preliminary studies in Tehran and completed high school in Switzerland and returned to Iran cadet second lieutenant graduated.
In the beginning a little strength, but with the end of occupation and the withdrawal of foreign troops from the country, with the support of America and the Prime Minister’s policy, consistency regent self-rule in Azerbaijan and Kurdistan ended. His father owned the land that had been returned to former owners.
King was interested in economic development and increase the country’s military power and much of the country’s oil revenues, Iran’s military spending. He is known as the White Revolution and the official target in the most modern countries in the world by the end of the twentieth century a series of socio-economic reforms such as land reform started.
In the late forties and early fifties solar, Iran has witnessed rapid economic growth. Mohamadreza Pahlavi one-party system in the country, and virtually none of the key decisions about the kingdom sixteen years the country was not taken without his approval. Eventually he expanded on 26 Persian date Dey 1357 following opposition protests led by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, Iran has left forever. Throughout his life he was married three times and had five children.

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