Saturday, 24 October 2015

What is female genital mutilation?

The female genital mutilation every year in rural areas and among tribes in Kenya done. Statistics indicate that one in four women have been circumcised Kenyans. Due to the ban on female genital mutilation is still some tribes doing it for a long tradition. The area of ​​the penis circumcision cut the clitoris is the woman who cut their womanhood destroyed the life of a woman is deprived of se*ual pleasure.
What is female genital mutilation? The first mode is limited to cutting off the clitoris. The other addition to the clitoris, labia minora Klban or genitals (Labia Minor) are also cut. The third type is the worst form of female circumcision. In this model, both the clitoris and the labia minora Klban or cut and Mlban or large lips (Labia Major) sew them. Then it creates small openings near the urethra and cervix.
This method is the most painful and most dangerous form of FGM is considered, is highly prevalent in Africa, known as “pharaonic circumcision” is. The place opens sewn childbirth and postpartum sew it again. Due to the high birth rate in Africa, “the Pharaoh” for women is in fact a “torture” is. The wedding night, which for the women’s first sexual contact, and of suffering violence and torture.
When the bride leaves her family cry to show that her family does not want to leave. At the wedding the bride and groom bow to the parents and family members. More interesting is that after the wedding ceremony in the evening guests with fanfare and fun staff with the bride and groom joke.
Then the groom to the bride were devices used in life. Then an auspicious date was set and the last stage of the ceremony was performed. Some customs associated with weddings. For example, a strange custom that is common in Sichuan province during the 17th century, has had a lot of fans and has continued until 1911.

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